And the worst Punjabi song of the year award goes to…?


Ever wonder which would be the worst song of 2016?

Well, imagine this – A weird Punjabi accent, a bizarre video, some guy who thinks he looks like a rockstar (with all his rapping skills and everything, of course) but actually, it seems like he landed straight from Namoonaland and last but not the least, the pronunciation of Lamborghini, which is actually the title of the track!

Okay, before you sue me for exaggeration, have a look at this piece of art and then decide for yourself –

Well, now you can come out of the mental shocks because this shit piece, on the name of a song, is over.

All thanks to some guy called Maddy Thakur along with a featuring artist by the name of Decor, for introducing this proud kartoot to the world. Released on a channel named Legendary records (yes, that animated introduction), the video shows two girls looking at a guy’s photoshopped facebook images with a laggjhurius car (she doesn’t know what it looks like!). The super skinny babe falls for the guy and is shown to be money minded. Adding glamour to the video is an intimate scene which happens in the most absurdly ugly manner and ends in the guy driving to her in a Swift (and there, the song ends, thank God.)

Don’t miss out the last scene of the video jithe sahmne valeya de dhuppe pae kapde vi keher dhaa rhe ne.