Why the new status feature of Whatsapp is a bad idea!


Whatsapp today launched a new interface which allows users to share an image in place of status (yes, just like Snapchat). But having this change is it such a good idea? or just a desperate move by Whatsapp to over throw Snapchat. Let’s look at these points which suggest this isn’t helping Whatsapp’s cause.

1. It has complicated WhatsApp’s user interface.


Whatsapp was all about chatting in the most simplest way. It’s easy to understand interface made it quite handy and easy to understand for people of all age group. Even the elderly people enjoy Whatsapp like it’s meant to be. But with such a complicated interface, a good amount of users will feel the pain and might get confused with multiple sliders.

2. They killed the status feature.


The worst of all them is they have killed the status bar. You won’t be able to upload one liners on your status and read quite interesting ones from your friend. Though this move might ensure that people use Facebook status often more. But the joy of sharing small success will be lost after this.

Only plus point : we won’t get to see ‘Hi there I’m using Whatsapp”.

3. How many Snapchats should we have exactly?


Well, we will need a Facebook employee to understand this. Or maybe their planning team. Day’s not far when we will have a Snapchat like feature on Facebook app and messenger too.

4. Our parents use Whatsapp


Well this is a least concerned concern but a powerful one. Many of young ones lost interest in using Whatsapp for uploading partying pics as their profile pictures (read dp) because their parents and many not so acquaintances are there with whom you won’t like to share your pics with. Hence, the youth started using Instagram and SNAPCHAT. But again, bringing this feature here with a new name doesn’t help any cause. Understand this, Facebook.

5. Data burden and redundancy

What do you expect when you upload same picture on 3 different platforms now.

6. Battle against Snapchat, is Facebook losing it already?


It’s no hidden fact that Facebook is challenging Snapchat with stories feature on Instagram and new update on Whatsapp. But having same feature everywhere won’t entertain people and won’t even help Facebook’s cause to settle Snapchat down.