Whatsapp groups to avoid nakas in Chandigarh post “pegs”


CHANDIGARH – Despite the UT Police having stepped up its drive to check drunken driving, tipplers across the city have been outsmarting them, all thanks to various WhatsApp group available. One of the groups, the ‘virtual gathering’ is their unfailing source of

Thus, the ‘virtual gathering’ is their unfailing source of nakas set up by the cops across the city. Each of the 256 members (that’s the maximum a WhatsApp group can have) in the group dutifully updates information of all nakas they come across.

The information from different nakas from all these persons ensures none of them are challaned, even though they are a few drinks down.

 WhatsApp has come a big respite to the Bachhus’ lovers. The tricity has several groups which has people drawn in from different sectors. Many women are also active members of these groups.

There are rules though. For instance, greetings or forwarded messages aren’t allowed. They mean business: ‘Info on nakas only’.”

Many give information in codes. Like, ‘all-clear’ means ‘no nakas’; unsurprisingly, ‘Bad Weather’ means heavy nakas.

The names of such groups vary from obvious ones like ‘Traffic Update’ and ‘Daru nakas’ to more sober ones like ‘Weather Today’. Not that the cops are unaware of such groups. “But what can we do about this,” said a traffic police officer.