Upcoming Release | ‘Yaar annmulle 2’ with all new cast | 23rd December

Upcoming Release | ‘Yaar annmulle 2’

If you have seen the cult 2011 Punjabi Film ‘Yaar Anmulle’ on bromance, you would have sure loved its witty dialogues, light hearted comedy and slick production. It;s story of dudes trying to stick together as things happen o them and around them,
Produced by Kapil Batra, Sonamdeep, Ankita Saini and Rajan Batra of Yadu Production, the sequel ‘Yaar Annmulle 2’  will attempt to make the friendly chemistry work again as it gets release on 23rd December, along with is all set to revive that feeling once again.

Image result for ‘Yaar Anmulle 2’Interestingly,the original film was directed by Anurag Singh, but ‘Yaar Anmulle 2’ will be directed by Sunny Mahal. Similarly, the whole star cast has changed but producers hope that this will not impact the success chances of the sequel.

Even though it’s a sequel, the audience can expect a totally different story and characters but the overall theme will be same.

Releasing just before Xmas and New year, ‘Yaar Annmulle 2’ will be compete with Aamir Khan’s big budget ‘Dangal’. it will be a challenge for ‘Yaar Annmulle 2’ to attract audience at that time and will need some marketing in Punjab and overseas markets.