Upcoming Release | ‘Jatt vs Jaat’ – Punjabi v Haryanvi Culture clash in a fun way |

Jatt vs Jaat Punjabi Film Haryanvi

This is going to be a hilarious film as all of us know how Haryanvis and Punjabis love to make fun of each other as well as themselves. Both cultures are known for their sense of humour.

’Jatt vs Jaat’ is a Punjabi Comedy Film, being shot in both states right now.

Ksshitij Chaudhary is director of the movie. He has earlier given us many interesting Punjabi films including Main Teri Tu Mera, Jatt in golmaal, Mr and Mrs 420.

People are generally confused when they hear about Jatts and Jaats.

Later on ‘Jats’ got divided into three different communities based on the religion they chose to follow.

In western Punjab (now in Pakistan), the Jats became primarily Muslim, in eastern Punjab, Sikh (Jatts), and in the areas between Haryana, Delhi Territory and Agra, primarily Hindu (Jaats).

We can expect something funny and different from him i this film.We will provide more information as soon as we get more details.