Top Italian Restaurants in Chandigarh

Italian Food Chandigarh

Get a taste of Italy right here in Chandigarh! If you’re looking for the the best restaurants in Delhi for authentic Italian cuisine, take a look at the list below. In the past few years, Italian fare in the city has moved from the regular pizza-and-pasta variety, to a range of dishes closer to their Italian roots, with the freshest ingredients, in-house bakeries and innovative menus.


JW Marriott Hotel, Plot 6, Dakshin Marg, Sector 35 B 

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Enjoy authentic Italian delicacies like wood-fired oven pizzas and handmade pasta at Oregano Restaurant & Bar. With its trattoria charm exudes warmth and homeliness. This authentic, fine dining Italian restaurant and bar offers an exotic mix of traditional style cooking infused with fresh herbs and spices which are unique to the cuisine. Our expat Italian chef will create unique flavours, catering to distinct tastes as he cooks to the guest’s taste and preference. Our tailor-made menu offers al dente pastas, wood-fired pizzas, risottos and lasagnes made with authentic Italian cheese like mozzarella and gorgonzola to name a few.

The candle lit evenings promise to come with a touch of serenity, with a mélange of Italian American music blended with classic Italian soft rock. The interactive bar houses a selection of the finest Italian wines and beverages.




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Superb Italian-inspired fare and fine wines are the highlight of a peaceful afternoon or evening, with a surprisingly eclectic lunch and a dinner menu that’s pure indulgence.

The ideal Place for a rendezvous the tall white gates of a sun washed courtyard welcome those who most appreciate the good life. In this tranquil setting of pebbled pathways, fine Italian-inspired cuisine, spirits and music serve to cast a heady spell over a leisurely afternoon or evening
It’s all about simple, traditional Italian food, made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, finely honed technique, and a lot of love! Wherever possible, we use organic ingredients, and all our pastas and breads are made by hand, right here at the restaurant.



308, 3rd Floor, Elante Mall, Chandigarh Industrial Area, Elante-Mall

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An experience of vibrant Italian cuisine that transcends you to this exotic world of fine dining. Even being a fully vegetarian restaurant not having non-veg does not work as a disadvantage and Garlic and Greens is an exception! It serves the yummiest food that you can imagine , and one doesn’t miss the non veg.

This place has some rather odd sounding dishes on its menu but gosh are they delicious. So don’t let the odd sounding combinations put you off.



Courtyard Ground Floor 51a, Chandigarh

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Brooklyn Central is an urban, edgy and industrial NYC-inspired eatery. It’s laid-back, casual but buzzing with energy and style! The food is much like New York—a melting pot of cultures!! We have wood fired pizzas and wood fired meals, a great charcoal steak section, sandwiches, burgers, pastas and great bar grub platters! A mega selection of desserts, ice creams, malts and shakes. A super well stocked bar with everything from classic cocktails to beer on tap! And to top it off, a great selection of music by our in-house DJ! Come enjoy the NYC vibe!