Things we need to know to make relationships built to last actually work!

Make Relationship Work

Romantic comedies make love look so simple, and while they make us feel all gooey inside, real-life couples know that relationships take work, and lots of it.

The relationships you admire, or aspire to have someday — you know, the ones between people who have been together forever — didn’t just blossom overnight.


1. There is ritual, more than need, to have transparency. 

Anything in the world with attached emotions,is built on honesty and completely transparency. If there’s something to hide, there’s something fishy for sure. 

Complete honesty created a lack of jealousy and better defined boundaries.

2. Don’t expect a medal for every chore you cross of your joint To Do list.

We all thrive off of flattery, but fishing for compliments or affirmation is tedious. If you need a pat on the back for every errand you run or unpleasant job you complete, consider giving it to yourself or call home to mom. You’re on the same tea, but your partner isn’t your personal cheerleader, so don’t expect them to praise you for every little thing you accomplish. Unless things are divided unequally, your significant other is doing just as much as you are. 

3. Be unexpected yet romantic.

Surprise her with flowers.  Plan him a special night under the stars.  Do anything to show how much you really care about each other.  As redundant as this may sound, its a really important step in any relationship.

4. A couple means two. So its important to be a good teammate. 

Being in a relationship is a two-person job.  If you want your relationship to last, you cannot expect your partner to do all of the work. Nobody can expect someone to put in efforts to make something work that is built for two. Be it emotionally or physically.

It’s a two-way street, so if you’re not the one initiating something, reciprocate! 

5. Grow together. Help make each other a better person. 

The best way to grow is by identifying your own traits and talents and matching it to your partners. Know what they’re good at and try to be better for it. Some are good at exercising while the other know how to maintain a home and constantly check up on you. Commit to trying those things their way. If you embrace your partner’s commendable habits and note their life enhancing impact on your life, you’ll have an easier time coping with the less awesome aspects of living with someone for the rest of your life.

6. Adaptability and acceptance is the way. 

You obviously can not expect to have the all of the same ideas and beliefs as the person you are in a relationship with, so it is important to adapt if you want your relationship to last.  If you care about your boyfriend/girlfriend, this step should come pretty easily. Somethingsmay or may not make so much sense to you or may not be “your way” but if your partner’s little quirks or even outrageous beliefs may seem like a deal breaker and  you have the ability to adapt, then your relationship has the amazing ability to go the distance.

7. Remember to say “thank you.”

This is one of those golden rules mom always taught you.  These two simple words can mean a lot to someone. Saying “thank you” is such a simple way to make someone feel as if they are appreciated.  Ask yourself this question: would you stay in a relationship if you felt unappreciated?

8. It’s the simplest things that matter most;be affectionate and don’t be afraid to show it.

It’s a no brainer that women, especially, are a sucker for display of emotions, it makes them get an idea that youre proud to have her and aren’t holding back on showing it. Same, go on grab his arm in public and I bet you’d see a smile curl up on his lips. There aren’t any gender roles non sense that the society is fixated upon, just do it!

There is always a lot of work involved in maintaining a relationship with someone, but if you always remember how much they mean to you, it will not seem like work.  You can ask anyone who has been in a relationship for a long period of time—they wouldn’t trade it all for anything.