Tall Girl

1.  When you meet someone, anyone, EVERYONE, the first thing out of their mouth is, “Oh my God, how tall are you?!”


And the next is either something about being a ‘complan girl’ or ‘how did you manage this height?’.Excuse me, I could be naturally gifted.

2. Your wardrobe consists of more flats than heels.


That’s ‘cause you have to dress both for yourself and for all your vertically challenged friends.


3. You have a continuous wardrobe-shopping malfunction.

Every dress or maxi that you buy is too short or ends up hanging around over your ankle.


4.The thing about shorts is that, they’re wayyyy to short for you.

Loved those shorts on the mannequin? Sorry they wont even begin to cover the extra- long sleek flesh on bones you call legs down there.

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars


5. You are constantly being asked “Oh, so do you play basketball?” or “Have you ever tried modelling?”

 Really? Just ‘cause we’re tall, is modeling all that’s left us? We could be nerds on our way of becoming successful lawyers someday. But no, modeling is the only career we could fit in -_-

6. You have at some point or the other been referred to as a “Baby- Giraffe”

 Amongst other nick-names of course.


7. Taking a full-length picture with tiny humans is basically impossible.

Without them chopping your head of or making you look bald or cons

Tall Girl High5

Tall Girl High5

tantly annoying and pestering you to bend your knees for a picture. Damn girl you squattin’ right!


8. You were ALWAYS made to stand at the back in school photographs.

 Yes, along with all the tall ones, a place you for once felt like you belonged.


9. You sometimes have a bump on your head from banging into things.

 Yes, we still underestimate our own height sometimes. Especially when and where we need to duck.


10. If you’re a tall-girl born in India, its actually your parents biggest worry.

 Because they say “stop growing up more. How will we find you a suitable groom?!” on repeat. ‘cause really its my fault isn’t it that im genetically engineered to grow tall. And I am too stop the force of mother nature within me -_-


11. Your Hi5’s are actually low-5’s with your little friends.

‘Cause instead of you raising up your hand, you have to lower it to meet theirs.