Thanks to the Punjabi music, YouTube is focusing on Punjab this year!


Punjab and Chandigarh have managed to grab YouTube’s attention thanks to a many-fold increase in Punjabi content in 2016.

This website is now focusing on our region for the entire 2017 with the motive to nurture budding creators.

This was said by Satya Raghvan, head of entertainment content for YouTube in India. On Wednesday, he was in the city to launch #SeeSomethingNew campaign.

“We have taken along with us eight fastest growing creators and have started the campaign. Chandigarh is the first city, from where we are launching our campaign, as the city represents new,” he said.

Budding chef Yaman Agarwal from channel CookingShooking, Ranjit Kumar from GeekyRanjit channel and city’s lad Sahil Khattar from BeingIndian, a comedy sensation on YouTube, were present to launch the campaign.

Khattar- among top YouTube sensations

From asking quirky questions to people on city streets to being a comedy sensation on YouTube channel, Khattar has come a long way.

In 2012, Culture Machine, a digital media company, signed him up for a programme. “Know Your Punjabi and Punjabis on the Phone are the two hit videos of Being Indian,” he said.

Yaman’s cooking videos a hit online

Yaman Agarwal (18) from Hyderabad has uploaded 260 cooking videos on the video-sharing website since 2012 and has more than 4 lakh subscribers. Out of 260, over 30 recipes of Yaman are from Punjabi cuisine.

A self taught chef, Yaman’s next plan is to start new series on cooking tips and health tips.

Ranjit Kumar (40) from Hyderabad had never thought that his techie videos on GeekyRanjit channel will become a hit among people. He claims to have shot over 950 videos and have over 6 lakh viewers.

“In the last year, I have seen 90% growth in the number of viewers last year,” said Ranjit.

‘Will help YouTubers with video-making’

“We came across a lot more Punjabi content in 2016 than 2015. In 2015, we saw a lot of music videos coming out of Punjab and Chandigarh but for the first time, we started seeing content like comedy, food from Chandigarh, last year. There is a channel called ‘langda aam’ which is a comedy channel started by a Punjabi,” said Satya Raghvan.