Swedish ‘bikini cop’ tackles mobile phone thief while sunbathing (PHOTO)

Swedish Bikini Policewoman
A thief masquerading as a newspaper seller got a shock of his life when he tried to swipe a mobile phone from under the nose of a sunbathing Swedish policewoman.

Off-duty officer Mikaela Kellner was catching some rays in a Stockholm waterside public park on Wednesday, when she leapt into action to catch a pickpocket while wearing only a bikini.

A picture of Kellner pinning down the thief in her ‘civvies’ has since gone viral after she posted it to Instagram.

Kellner explained that the robber had initially approached her and some friends, offering to sell them a newspaper for homeless people. On placing the newspapers down in front the group, according to Kellner the man then tried to snatch one of their smartphones.

What happened next could not have been expected as Kellner sprinted 15 meters through the park to tackle the man.

The ‘bikini arrest’ image has since garnered thousands of likes on social media.

“I am very happy that I posted the picture. The aim was to draw attention to how easy it is to be robbed,” she added.