Sukhbir says Kejriwal is the ‘biggest stupid’

sukhbir say arvind kejriwal Stupid

Amritsar: Arvind Kejriwal is building quite an interesting reputation in Punjab. Sukhbir Badal finally reacted upon industry manifesto released by AAP in Ludhiana. He called Arvind Kejriwal the biggest stupid for promising Value-Added Tax( VAT) reduction when it is set to be abolished in the next three months.


“I have not seen a bigger stupid than Kejriwal, who does not even know that VAT is set to be abolished and replaced by Goods and Services Tax (GST) which will be uniform across India. He is promising cheaper electricity which is up to 50 per cent expensive in Delhi, he must make it cheap in Delhi first then he may refer it to Punjab” said Sukhbir Badal at the house of Dera Ballan point person Seth Satpal Mal, who joined the SAD today.

Giving reply to Sukhbir Badal, AAP leader Kanwar Sandhu said that GST is likely to come in April and it may not come even.

Reacting to other promises in AAP’s manifesto for trade, industry and transport, Baddal said that the party promised to reduce power tariffs which were among the lowest in the country.

“Power tariff is higher in Delhi, and let him first implement it in Delhi what he is promising in Punjab. He has promised free power for farmers in Punjab, which we are already giving. Farmers of Delhi are being charged for it,” he said.