You should stand and salute the defense persons: Parkash Singh Badal

Parkash Singh Badal Military Army

Addressing the Deputy Commissioners and Senior Superintendents of Police in the state, CM Badal gave a special reorganization to defense personals. Badal said that whenever any defence personal visits their office, they should stand and salute them.


Addressing a vast gathering of Ex- Servicemen and civilian dignitaries after inaugurating the Punjab War House Memorial and Museum inAmritsar, he said that this should not be ignored as they constituted one of the most revered sections of the society. He also announced a tele- helpline at the secretariat to redress grievances of ex-servicemen.


He appreciated the work of Narender Modi government and the Army for the cross- Loc surgical strikes and termed it as “ right work at right time,” he also concluded that nation without military is a hollow country.


He quoted that history is evident that strong military leadership always resulted in strong nations unlike Alexender- the great  and Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Deputy CM and Union Minister Vijay Sampala also complimented the government for the surgical strikes. He also showed his concern about candidates joining Indian Army has declined  as “ only for cadets from Punjab had joined the National Defence Academy five years ago. The figure is now 20,” he said.


He also said that contrary to perception, there was no mass drug abuse by the youth in the state. “ Medical test at an Army rally revealed that only 1.26 per cent of the aspirants tested positive for narcotics, which was half of National average.


Other dignitaries present on the spot were former Army Chiefs Gen JJ Singh and Gen Deepak Kapoor and former Air Chief, Air Chief Marshal SK Sareen, various Cabinet Ministers, Commonwealth War Graves Commission secretary Richard Hill and WW-II veteran Col Thomas Conway.