Sonam Bajwa to focus more on Telugu films (Video)

Sushanth, Sonam Bajwa in Aatadukundam Raa Movie Images

A few weeks ago Mahapunjab reported that a number of Punjabi heroines are working in South India as they find Southern movie industry to be more professional and lucrative. Now, , one of the top Punjabi actresses, also made it clear that she would prefer films over Punjabi as she gets better and more challenging roles in the South.

Sonam makes her Telugu debut with this week’s release , which stars Sushanth in the lead.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better debut. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project,” said Sonam, who is keen on shifting her focus on Telugu filmdom.

“Even though I’ve been offered a few projects since Aatadukundam Raa, I haven’t been in a position to sign any because I’m occupied with some commitments in Punjabi industry till October. As soon as I’m relieved off these assignments, I really want to focus more on Telugu films,” she said.

In this project, she plays a bubbly, simple girl who will be seen in a mix of Indian and western outfits.

“I come from this family that’s modern but at the same time values traditions. As a film, it’s got everything for everybody in the audience. There’s comedy, romance, action and even some element of science-fiction,” she said.

Although Sonam had difficultly picking up an alien language, she feels Telugu isn’t as tough as Tamil.

“I’ve done a Tamil film called Kappal. I found learning Tamil tougher than Telugu. All that it took me to get my lines right in Telugu was a couple of readings to perfect my dialect.