Selfish Kejriwal can sacrifice anyone: Manish Tewari

Manish Tewari Congress

: Former Union minister and All India Committee national spokesperson said that Kejriwal is just looking after himself. He condemned the treatment meted out to senior Punjabi leaders by Delhi chief minister and his Aam Aadmi Party. He attributed this to Kejriwal trying to take over Punjab leadership.

“Kejriwal is a selfishly ambitious careerist who can sacrifice anyone and everyone in his ambitious pursuit”, Tewari said while talking to reporters after presiding over a function organised by PCC general secretary and Ludhiana East in-charge Gurmail Singh Pahalwan.

“Kejriwal wants a promotion for himself in the delusional and misplaced belief that he will become Punjab CM one day as he feels he is an incomplete chief minister of Delhi”, he said, adding, that is why he is trying to weed out everyone who, he thinks, can pose a challenge.

According to the AICC spokesperson, the series of errors committed by the leaders, whether by default or design, proves they are yet to get a feel of Punjab. “AAP leaders from Delhi and UP are behaving like mercenaries without any respect for the culture, ethos, sentiments and feelings of the local people”, he said.

The former union minister said there was nothing unexpected about the AAP implosion, which was inevitable, given the conflicting and contrasting ambitions of leaders who had come together only for vested interests. He said, neither AAP nor the ruling Akali Dal-BJP posed a challenge to the Congress, which was set to form the next government in Punjab with a landslide victory.