Sector 17 plaza gets ready for Food Court, Amphitheater and Gazebos!


Sector 17 plaza is the heart of the city beautiful and is as old as Chandigarh. This place was once known as the busiest and most loved hangout zones for the people of all age groups. Though being in the prime locations of tricity, the plaza in sector 17 has lost the number of its visitors due to the opening of its new fancy counterparts like Elante and North Country Mall.

Therefore, to bring back the crowd and increase the footfalls, the UT administration is in the forethought of enhancing the sheen and beauty of the plaza. The administration is planning to set up new features like an amphitheater, gazebo, food court, more fountains and transportation facilities for the parking areas of the visitor. The project is planned to make the plaza more attractive for the visitors.

Advantages for visitors

  • The opening of food court will surely give a wide variety of eating options to the visitors to choose from.
  • Gazebos will add some shade for the visitors sitting in the open area especially during sunny and rainy days.
  • Amphitheatre will provide some space to the artists of Chandigarh to exhibit their art forms in a more organised way.
  • Organised parking space is a must for any market area.
  • The water fountains will add to the beauty of the plaza Chandigarh.

Other add on features

As published by The Tribune, the UT administration officials have confirmed to add the features very soon. The add-ons will also include a separate play area for kids besides the solar lights and the facility of TV screening for the major sports events. The plaza is being enhanced to give it a similar look to New Delhi’s Connaught Place.

Recently, UT Administration had passed on a decision of changing the color of the buildings at Sector 17 Plaza the beautification of the place and to preserve the lives of the buildings. The place is soon to get walking and bicycle tracks too.

Sector 17 Plaza Will be Known for:

  • Shopping and leisure
  • Eating hub
  • Organizing promotional events
  • Live concerts and dance shows
  • Shooting of movies

So, let’s cross our fingers and wish Sector 17 a busy life ahead.