Scared Arvind Kejriwal running away from debate with Capt Amarinder Singh | Twitter War

Kejriwal Amarinder Twitter war

Chandigarh: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is leader of a small noisy regional party, a nouveau riche in political wealth, who suddenly thinks he should be compared with Tatas and Ambanis, not with the other political startup millionaires that he is.

That’s the reason Kejriwal is always ready to debate with Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi but he thinks he’s above other Chief Ministers and state leaders even those like Amarinder Singh who have more credibility and experience than him. All that Kejriwal is looking for is an opportunity to stand on the same platform as Modi or Sonia Gandhi and announce that he has arrived.

Earlier this week, Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh exchanged blows on Twitter,  with the Delhi CM coming off worse, by a long margin.

Amarinder Singh may have his faults but he is not a person to chicken out. The last thing he would do is to listen to wild unproven allegations from someone with little connection with Punjab. Captain challenged him for a debate in Public.

But Kejriwal as usual refused to rise to the occasion, instead asking Amarinder Singh to talk to comedians (Ghuggi and Bhagwant Mann) from his party. Captain understandably had his Punjabi blood boiling!

Kejriwal also accused Amarinder Singh to collude with Akali Dal and taking drug money.

Captain then came out with ultimate putdown!

Kejriwal had earlier claimed that its party will win 100 seats in the coming assembly elections in Punjab. A recent opinion poll conducted by a private news channel has claimed that the party’s prospects are on the decline. Amarinder Singh was ready with his reposte!

Let’s see what Kejriwal does next but he’s clearly finding Punjab election an uphill battle.