Sandeep Kumar’s wife: My Husband is Innocent

Sandeep Kumar AAP

In yet another AAP scandal, former woman and child development minister Sandeep Kumar has been booked on charges of rape, transmission of material containing sexually explicit act and taking illegal gratification.

In her complaint, the woman alleged that around 11 months ago, she was raped by Kumar when she had gone to his office in outer Delhi’s Sultanpuri seeking help to obtain a ration card.
Unbelievably, the rape accused’swife has come out in support of him being falsely accused.
She is addressing it as a “political conspiracy” against her husband and says that he is innocent.
Ritu Kumar in her statement said, “My husband is innocent, I stand by him. Rape charges against my husband are wrong.”
Earlier, senior AAP leader Ashutosh Kumar ‘bravely’ defended the rape accused by claiming in a blog that “History is also witness to the fact that top leaders of the Congress in 1910s were worried about Gandhi Ji’s relationship with Sarla Chaudhary. Gandhi Ji had confessed that Sarla was his spiritual wife. Gandhi Ji, in his later days, slept naked with his two nieces to experiment with celibacy”. Ashutosh also referred to Nehru’s “reported affairs with many female colleagues”, including “Edwina Mountbatten”. He has been slammed by all parties for comparing a rape accused with Mahatma Gandhi.