It is said that people eat to live but Punjabis live to eat

The saying “a way to someones heart is through their stomach” stands true for every Punjabi.
Throughout the world Punjab is known for its delicious, spicy and butter laden food. Delicious food and continual eating is somewhat of a birthright for Punjabi’s.
However, there are few dishes that are patented to Punjab, the dishes that make the people across the globe drool.
1. Chicken (Butter/Tandoori)
A trip to Punjab is incomplete without getting the taste of The Tandoori Chicken and the irresistible Butter Chicken & Butter Naan.  Straight from the Punjabi heart these two chickens are an instant hit around the world.
2. Sarson da saag and Makki di Roti
Its a waste going to the land of farms if you dont experience the taste of Sarson da saag and makki di roti. Even with the numerous tries all over, no one perfects the taste or comes as close to it as in the heart of Punjab.
3. Aloo da Parantha 
You must be considered a stranger in the realest sense if you’re not pestered to eat aloo da parantha for breakfast every morning. When in Punjab, the day is incomplete without the stuffed parantha dripping with butter on top.
4. Mithi Lassi 
A meal is absolutely incomplete without a drink to accompany it. A huge glass of  Mithi lassi is somewhat the staple side drink with punjabi food. A creation hailing specifically to Punjab.
Punjabi dishes are the pride and joy of the Punjab. Food plays a huge cultural and social part of the Indian mindset and needless to say it is understandable. With such amazing flavours and foods, your taste buds are in for a treat!