Review | MSG The Warrior – Lion Heart | A Cult Movie | Trailer

MSG the Warrior Lionheart Dera Sacha Sauda

MSG The Warrior- Lion Heart is made for the disciples and fans of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh (Guruji).

For those who don’t know him, Wikipedia lists Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh as “an Indian preacher, spiritual leader, and actor. He has been the head of the India-based socio-spiritual organisation Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS). DSS oversees several social programmes, such as cleanliness campaigns, blood donation drives, tree planting, disaster relief, and support for transgender people, tribal communities, orphans, and rehabilitation of sex workers.”

That’s all very good and has got him lakhs of followers but Guruji has a ‘little’ tendency to self-promote himself.

MSG The Warrior is about a brave ‘lionheart’ warrior, called Sher Dil, played by who else but Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh himself. He does gravity-defying stunts that can teach Isaac Newton a few lessons.

He’s Superman, Rajnikanth, Chacha Chowdhary and Saboo, all in one. He is invincible badass who can do anything. He can move forward AND backward in time.  In the two-hour-long film, Sher Dil saves a nice old kingdom from aliens thanks to ‘Mahabharat ke samay ke hathyar’. How do we know those are aliens? No ET stuff for you! MSG aliens cunningly look and walk like humans but they wear light-bulb costumes. Nice!

Then Guruji comes back in present age where everyone is a fan of him and adores him to the bits shouting ‘Sher Dil Yaay’ – 2 thousand times in 2 hours!

Guruji is seen in 70s California-style Flowery sneakers and a glittering T-shirt with a hoodie. From what I understand, Guruji designed his own clothes and that of others in the film. He also has a sword that turns into a pen and a spear that turns into sunglasses. Cool!

The fans of Guruji seem to love this film. Continuous claps, catcalls, cheers and whistles in the cinema halls stand testimony to that. MSG The Warrior, is so ‘different’ that it has all the trappings to become a cult movie, watched by millions and researched by students of cinema and sociology.


Rating: Beyond any mortal scale!

Now waiting for the sequel: MSG The Destroyer – Dragonheart