Review: Jollywood – Superstar in Turban (Trailer)


Bollywood has many Punjabis and Sikhs as heroes but never someone who wears a pagdi. Jollywood is all about a young Sikh trying to make amends.

Wikipedia says that Jollywood refers to the nascent but boisterous movie industry of Jharkhand but this movie is a story of a not-so-smart but funny and ambitious middle class boy Jalwinder Singh (Jolly) who decide to become a superstar in Mumbai.(Bollywood).

This is a store of millions of artists who struggle to get a decent platform to showcase their talent to the world. Bollywood is clearly the biggest platform we have and it’s a dream of every new artist from Punjab and else where to be a star there.

So a jolly young Sikh, Jolly, aims his sight on becoming a superstar. But will the Bollywood accept a Sikh in turban as a hero or stereotypes are too strong to break. Our unlikely hero, Jolly, struggles in the movie industry till he finds that he has a talent no one else.

Get your answers in this short film titled ‘Jollywood‘, presented by Elysian Entertainment and directed by Manav Chauhan. Karan Mehta has done justice to the role of Jolly.

Don’t forget to watch it!