Reliance Jio Welcome Offer extended till March 2017!


A big, long due Reliance Jio announcement was made today. Reliance Industries Limited’s Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani addressed the employees and stakeholders of the company at an event which was broadcasted live at 1.30 pm on the company’s social media channels.

For all the Jio lovers, it has been officially announced that Reliance Jio’s Welcome offer is extended to March 2017. The offer gives customers free unlimited voice, video calling, SMS and unlimited daily data. This announcement nullifies the reports of the TRAI order that had said that Reliance will have to end the Jio Welcome offer by December 4.

Reliance Jio already has over 50 million subscribers in just 83 days since the service went live. The company has set a target of 100 million subscribers. Reports also claim Reliance Jio could introduce a feature phone with 4G LTE capabilities.
Jio’s entry in the market has sparked a data war with rivals Airtel, Vodafone offering extra data and slashing prices for their consumers in order to retain them. With Reliance Jio, there is another service called Jio Fiber which is much-awaited. Jio Fiber is promising 1GBps speed for wired broadband in home, and is already being tested in some parts of India.
While the Jio launch has seen people line up to get SIMs, there are issues with speeds and call connectivity that have cropped up since the number of subscribers went up. Since Reliance Jio is entirely a 4G LTE based network, high-speed internet is crucial to its success, but post the launch it has found it difficult to maintain this.
In October, Speedtest app maker Ookla’s data had shown that they saw a significant jump in the number of speed-tests being done on Jio 4G LTE network from January to September 2016. Speedtest’s data also showed that Reliance Jio’s mean average speeds have been declining since it got more users on board.
According to the data, speeds for “4G capable phones actually decreased 23% month-over-month from 11.31 Mbps to 8.77 Mbps, continuing a downward trend for 2016.” The report also adds that Reliance Jio’s claims of 135Mbps as average speed across the board are still a dream, and that even the “top 10% of tests averaged out at 17.77 Mbps in September.”
Declining speeds aside, Reliance Jio has been seen as a great disruptor in the Indian smartphone and data market. According to research firm IDC, India has seen a boost in 4G smartphone shipments with Jio’s entry. Reliance has not yet confirmed what it will be announcing at the event, but no doubt the Jio side of the story will be closely watched from all quarters.