Reliance Jio Plans: Limits and Benefits

Reliance JIO

Last week, Mukesh Ambani made a big announcement regarding Jio’s services. He said that all the consumers will get free unlimited data until the end of the year. The offer sounded unbelievable.

The catch here is that it is not truly unlimited. Reliance Jio has set a daily cap of 4 GB LTE data usage per day. So those of you who were thinking of downloading big games on Xbox and Playstation should say goodbye to your dreams. Post 4 GB, the speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps. Having said that, 4 GB is no small limit by any means.

According to a report in Business Standard the average 3G usage in India is 758 MB per month. So the 4 GB data limit is still quite high. The terms and condition in the PDF uploaded by Reliance also state that the free welcome offer is valid for one SIM only for a customer. If the customer buys another SIM he or she won’t be getting any free benefits from the company.

These might be called a few limits in disguise but Reliance Jio does offer an advantage over other telecom services in the country. Here are a few things you need to know about the newly launched service:

  • Tariff plans:

Reliance announced a total of 10 tariff plans in yesterday’s AGM of the company. The plan starts from as low as 19 plan for a day. Every plan has unlimited night time (2 am -5 am) data usage, free voice calls, and no roaming charges. Ambani said that from 5 September anyone would be able to get a Jio SIM and enjoy the welcome offer. The offer would give the consumer unlimited data, voice and video calling, Jio Wi-Fi access and premium subscription the Jio apps.

  • e-KYC for fast Sim activation:

Digital verification, activation: Pointing out cumbersome process of verification, Ambani said that it currently takes about 24 hours to get the new connection active. But with Jio services, users can get their numbers activated within 15 minutes. Jio has implemented an e-KYC system, which allows users with Aadhar cards to get their SIM cards instantly. The system is currently available in Delhi and Mumbai, and will be rolled out in other cities very soon.

  • Reliance Jio is 4G ONLY:

The Reliance Jio network is running entirely on 4G – not “mostly 2G, sometimes 3G, and once-in-a-while 4G,” Ambani said, taking a dig at other networks. To access the network, you need a 4G compatible phone with VoLTE support. Reliance Retail’s lineup of Lyf phones offer a low cost option, starting from Rs. 2,999, though you can buy any phone that supports VoLTE and use it.

  • A million Wi-Fi hotspots:

Reliance Jio is now in the process of rolling out Wi-Fi hotspots across India. By the middle of 2017, it plans to have 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, and it’s offering Wi-Fi data in the 4G plans it offers; for example, if your plan is for 4GB, you get 8GB of Wi-Fi access as well, while the top 75GB plan gets 150GB of additional data via Wi-Fi hotspots. These hotspots are coming up at schools, colleges, and other public places.

  • Bundled entertainment services worth INR 15k:

That’s not all though – Reliance Jio is also going to give free access to its various Jio apps. The full bouquet includes Jio’s video on demand service, its music streaming platform, and even a live TV service which allows you to view previously aired shows by scrolling back on the timeline. There’s a lot on offer, but we don’t know anything about how the pricing for these services will be structured, only that the full bouquet taken together will cost you Rs. 15,000 per year. However, these are going to be given fully free to all users until the end of 2017.

  • Student Plans:

Targeting India’s big demographics of youth, Reliance has introduced a special offer for students. Users with valid student ID cards will get 25 percent extra data on every tariff plan. In comparison, other telecom players do offer schemes targeted at students with under Rs 50 data and voice packs.

  • FTTH:

Reliance is now planning to foray into fiber segment to provide ultra high-speed broadband connections to users. The service will be initially available in select cities, but will be available to top 100 cities in the near future. The company says its FTTH service could offer data speeds up to 1Gbps.

Reliance Jio Tariff Plans

Reliance Jio Tariff Plans

On the cheapest plan, Reliance offers 4GB of data for Rs. 499 – still a great deal, but not exactly Rs. 50 per GB. However, Reliance is also giving 8GB of Wi-Fi access at Jio Wi-Fi hotspots, and unlimited usage at night, so it definitely works out to a very reasonable amount, and under that Rs. 50/ GB figure once you factor that in.