Are you ready for Bed Cinema?

Buda bed Cinema

In winter, chances are that you will like to watch TV snuggling in bed, watching a DVD, while drinking tea or coffee. But unless you are a mega-millionaire, chances are that you don’t have a really good home-theatre in your bed-room with 100-inch screen.

Well, there are cinemas, where it’s now possible thanks to a new trend. This Bed Cinema trend has caught on in India but I am sure that Punjab with its freezing winters and love for drama (and romance) would be a great market for Bed Cinema. Do check them out when travelling abroad. The most well known bed cinema is, surprisingly, in a quiet European town of Budapest – Hungry called Buda bed Cinema.

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This first ever bed cinema opened its doors in Budapest  in November 2014. In these double-bed-sized sofas you can really enjoy a movie with the whole family.



“If people like to put up their legs up in front of the TV at home, with a pillow under their head, but find the TV screen too small, and want to enjoy a top of the range sound and light experience on a big screen – that is what we can offer,” says László Jankura, director of the Buda Entertainment and Gastro complex.

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“It’s just started, so we hope that the beds are still quite clean,” says one cinema-goer.

buda-bedsBut what happens when you chose such a comfortable setting for watching a movie: “I think it depends on the movie, if a film is boring, you can fall asleep. I liked it,” says one first-time visitor.


Tickets for a whole bed cost around 18 euros, fitting two adults and two kids, about the same as 4 Gold Class tickets in India.