Rakhi Sawant’s ‘Modi dress’ is not going to impress him


has been a little out of limelight for some time and that forced her to do something to remedy the situation. And what’s better than wearing a dress with pictures of PM ’s face (and hands and body).

The actress, who was in attendance at a pre-Independence Day party in Chicago, USA, was seen wearing a garish black number emblazoned with pictures of Narendra Modi. Rakhi’s fine dress sense then persuaded her to put Modi’s face on her butt and bust, ensuring that she will get the attention she wanted.

She posted the first picture on on Tuesday and liking the response she got, adding three more of them. Let’s take a good look at the dresses first. Modi with his over-arching prsence is bound to see them.  But he probably won’t be retweeting these pics to his millions of followers (bhakts).

Rakhi has often latched on the Modi’s popularity to get some visibility. While she does not daily tweet about Modi as Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal does, she has her own way.