Quickest way to achieve core strength and improve stamina


You want to make your body look perfect, here’s a an amazing and really effective exercise that will help you achieve core strength, weight loss, perfect shape and improve stamina.

One of the most underrated exercises in the workout world is plank. People most often overlook this exercise as very easy and they prefer to lift heavy weights.
Here are the muscles that can be strengthened by performing the plank: Legs, Abs, Forearms, Biceps, Upper and Lower Back.

Plank Right and WrongIf you chose to do this exercise for some period of time, the key is to gradually increase the plank duration each day. This workout is very difficult for the beginners, so the plank challenge starts out to be kind to them. Beginners should hold in the plank position for 20 seconds, and then gradually increase the time every day. After 4 weeks, people should be able to hold the plank position for 4 minutes without any breaks or pauses.
Guest Post: Etisha Garg (Affimity)