Punjabis – Loud, loving and AWESOME!


Brought up in Chandigarh, I am as Punjabi as a Punjabi can get. Moreover, having Lahori grandparents brings a little bit of Pakistani Punjabi in me.

We personify fun. We are loud, fun loving, major food freaks and AWESOOOME.

Here are a few reasons why Punjabis are amazing (If you’ve been anywhere near Punjabis, you’ll definitely be able to connect). Also, I am going to bust some myths about us.

  • “Ethe jaa, Othe jaa, o kithe jaa reha hain?”

Ethe, Othe, Kithe are definitely the most important bits of our vocabulary.

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  • “Saanu Ki?”

Our classic response to EVERY syaapa that comes in our way. Come on, we’re a chill genus.


  • *Bling* *Bling* *Bling*

Gaudy dresses, goldens and shimmers, ladies in gold from top to toe, top this off with a Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag and the attire is complete. We are proud show-offers. What would you rather have us do? Build a freakin’ gold coin swimming pool like Scrooge McDuck?

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  • “Kudi da vyaah, munde da vyaah”

If you attend a Punjabi vyaah, you have yourself the wedding of a lifetime. All the best food, alcohol, music and relatives converge for at least a seven day long party. And just for the record, no Punjabi wedding is complete without breaking into bhangra and gidda either on the dhol or on the Punjabi wedding anthems Gur Nalon Ishq Mitha and Ishq Tera Tadpave. Bolo Tara Rara! The weddings are alright but they are nothing compared to the party afterwards, huehue.

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  • We drink. A lot.

Whiskey, Beer, Scotch, doesn’t matter. Daaru is important. We drink a lot because we CAN drink a lot.

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  • We are always looking for a “suitable catch” for our daughters

“Seema di nanad de bhraa da munda UK ch settled hai, apni Pinky vaaste gall chalao!” Admit it man, we raise pretty girls. We are the ‘catch’.

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  • Best at embracing language.

Bullt (bullet), puls (police), Kanayda (Canada), Nyoda (Noida), we sometimes have a funny accent  which keeps people wondering and how! We also love repeating our words. Dinner-shinner, mutton-shutton, party-sharty, the fun-shun intensifies this way. And what do we say to a Grammar Nazi? Tu Rehendey!

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  • “Khotte da puttar!”

We swear a lot. But that’s just a way of showing affection. Old uncles calling stupid young guys, “marjaana” and “khotte da puttar” is just their love pouring out. There’s pyaar in every maara chand and friendship in every chapped khaani hai. If we throw an abuse your way, you’re most likely our favorite person on Earth.

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  • We’re blunt but then there are Jhappiyaan te Pappiyaan.

We’re the sweetest people around. Of course, we don’t hesitate to speak our minds either. We have so much love to give! Expect a bone crushing hug and a peck on the cheek (sometimes ear and hair) when you meet a Punjabi. Word of advice, do not try to escape the loving death-embrace. It’s not just rude, it’s considered blasphemy. Hayye, maanyave, Aye ki kitta?

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  • Ghee, Butter te lassi.

People say we joke a lot. I think maybe that’s because we are high on Desi Ghee, all the damn time! Don’t forget the pranthe Punjabi moms have invented! Aalu da prantha, mooli da prantha, gobhi da prantha, daal ka prantha, namak  prantha, paneer da prantha, chawal prantha, basically anything-you-can-eat-prantha. Uff! And of course, a biiiiiig supernatural dallop of butter and a glass of lassi to accompany. O meri lassi kithe aa? 

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  • Our world revolves around Butter Chicken.

True. Mine does. Every Punjabi’s does. Butter Chicken is out consistent dish in our every restaurant. We eat it all the time. Of course, when we are not eating prantha!

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  • Patiala peg, chickan-shikan and Yo Yo Honey Singh – that’s how ‘we do party all night’

No matter how small the occasion, we love to party hard. Mera birthday, tera birthday, nava phone, pass ho gaya? Partaaaaaayyyy. Alcohol flows in galleons, there’s food enough to feed a small country and girls get their groove on in skimpy dresses. The phrase ‘burn the dance floor’ was probably invented in a disco in Sector 17.

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  • We’re loud.

That’s not true. We’re just hard of hearing. When we talk, we make sure it’s at a decibel higher than normal. Why else would we serenade a girl by calling her our woofer and gladly be her amplifier? Hain, ki keha? 

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  • Burrrraaaaaahhha!

Say what you want but we make you laugh the hardest, we know the best dhabbas around town and are always there for you through thick and thin. We’re your 2 am friends especially because you’re probably out with us in our Thar, listening to songs on a blaring volume, just having fun. We have no care in the world because, you know, Saanu ki! And there’s a reason why we say “saade naal rahoge te, aish karoge“. Burraha!

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  • Strength and Anger, though.

Punjabis have a naturally strong built. Most of us really. Yeah. Pretty much. And we are a jolly bunch but our anger is the stuff of the legend! Ask Sunny paaji and his handpump, bruh.

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  • Jas, gur, har, prabh, deep, preet, jeet, meet – 101 ways to name your child.

Take a word, add one of the above prefixes or suffixes or both and voila! You have yourself a Punjabi name. Don’t be surprised if your friend’s uncle and aunty have the same name. And don’t even get started on the nicknames. Have an emotion? Name your kid Happy. Eating a nice roll? Name your kid Frankie.

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This includes pretty much everything you know or don’t about Punjabis. Buraaaahhhh.