Punjabi University develops Urdu to Punjabi machine translation software

Punjabi Urdu Translation

PATIALA: The Department of Computer Science, Punjabi University claims to have developed a highly efficient Urdu-to-Punjabi Machine Translation Software. This software will help both Urdu and Punjabi readers to exchange content. The machine translation system has been developed by Umarinderpal Singh, a Ph.D. Scholar of Department of Computer Science under the joint supervision of Dr. Vishal Goyal and Dr. Gurpreet Singh Lehal.

Urdu is a widely spoken language in Indian sub-continent and has rich linguistic resources and vocabulary. Urdu is a challenging language for the computers to understand and translating Urdu text into another language.

While no system provides automatic high-quality machine translation of any random text, this software does a very good job as per its creators.

According to Umarinderpal Singh, handling the ambiguous words of Urdu due to missing diacritic marks was the most challenging task and latest machine learning techniques were used to resolve them. The researchers had to develop from scratch various resources like parallel corpus and dictionaries and spend countless hours in their development.

According to Dr. Vishal Goyal, the translation accuracy of this software is far better than other available Urdu to Punjabi translation systems like Google translator. This software will make the passion of readers for reading Urdu Text into a reality. They need to put the text to read in this software as input and this software will on the click on button, will translate it into Punjabi.

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Lehal, added that the translation software has been integrated into the Indic Word Processor ‘Akhar 2016’, which is the first software of its kind having powerful word processing features for Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English languages.