Punjabi University Campus hit with Graffiti!

Punjabi University Graffiti

is looking much cooler these days with on the walls. of fine arts department, Punjabi University, made the effort to beautify the varsity campus with their paintings.

About 20 students of MA second year (Fine Arts), made a plan with the aim to do some different and attractive in the varsity with their art. After the nod from registrar Devinder Singh, the students kicked off their work on August 5.

In the first phase, after working till late in the evening, they painted eight trees and four sitting benches near Happiness café in the university. The young enthusiast’s artists designed different concepts including natural beauty, animal kingdom, aquatic life and women empowerment.

Ravi Verma, 21, one of the artists said that now they would pursue more painting on themes including Punjabi culture and old civilizations, on the walls as well as on the floors in the different parts of the university.

“We received a lot of encouragement from the university authorities, students even from renowned artists on social media for our art. They also offered us financial support for our upcoming projects that give the boost to our confidence,” he added.

During his visit on the Independence Day, vice-chancellor Jaspal Singh appreciated the artists and their work for beautifying of the university. He also asked them to make the open art gallery in the campus.