Punjabi Film Industry is ‘booming

Gelo Punjabi Film

Manbhavan Singh, a first-time director whose movie Gelo was screened at the Lonavla International Film Festival India (LIFFI), says that Punjabi film industry is currently in a wonderful phase where there’s not just greater scope to experiment with subjects, but also better budgets.

The movie, Gelo, is made on a novel by Ram Sarup Ankhi and handles multiple themes of social significance in a layered but deft way. And its Punjabi language in no way hinders the universal messages that it attempts to impart.

Even though some might find the subject quite “off beat” however that’s not the case with Singh. The movie showcases a very strong female protagonist who is well aware of rights and fires away the miscreants eyeing her property. Proving that women have in them what it takes to save their land.