Punjabi actress Kulraj Randhawa plays lead in upcoming movie Needhi Singh


Kulraj Randhawa plays a strong woman with a spine of steel in her upcoming movie as lead actress. Needhi Singh exposes justice and the safety of women in our society and the story of a woman’s revenge.

The crime announces that it will be a clear departure from the recent trend of male-centric drama in Punjabi films.

The opening lines in the trailer tells the story of a gritty woman who, let down by the law, is forced to take to violence. :

Vaq pai to goongiyan cheekhan bhi aawaaz ban diyaan ne,

Zulm di had jad hondin, to chidhiyan baaz ban diyaan ne

“When the need arises, even a meek whimper can be turned into a voice of protest,

When oppression crosses its limits, even a sparrow can take the form of a falcon.”