PunjabDaPyaar | Taste this “Punjabism Da Takda” before you die!


Punjabis love food and when it comes to their favourites, the list keeps topping itself every time.

From Tandoori Chicken to Butter Chicken, each dish that has Punjabism da tadka has a unique flavour to it and you will end up having it everytime, especially if you have a Punjabi friend along.

Hold your horses, we’re gonna take you on a delectable ride!

  •  Tandoori Chicken

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Tandoori Chicken is most vital dish of Punjabi Cuisine. No matter what you do, where ever you go in Punjab, the meal isn’t complete without this. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Doesn’t matter. Aan do.

  • Sarso da Saag te Makki di Roti

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Have you heard somebody talking about Punjab without giving the reference of this dish? Ladden with butter and Ghee, it’s just another name of Heaven.

  • Dal Makhani

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Either go to 5 stars or Dhabas, this makhan filled delicacy is a must.

  • Rajma – Chawal

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If your taste buds call hot and spicy, then Rajma Chawal is for you (preferably, Rajma Chaol).

  • Paneer Tikka

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For the people who want to have the taste of Punjab without all the chicken (believe me, we eat A LOT of chicken), relish some Paneer Tikka. Tastes as good and won’t bhrasht your dharam.

  • Machli Amritsari

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For all the Fish lovers, it’s a must try dish. It’s prepared with pieces of Fish coated with spicy batter and deep fried to make it appetizing. It’s garnished with lemon juice and Garam Masala on it which takes its taste to another level.

  • Butter Chicken

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This does not even need a description. Butter Chicken is the dada of all chicken dishes! If you haven’t tried this, bro, what are you even doing with your life?

  • Amritsari Kulcha

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One of the personal favourites, this is the best thing to shaant karo your spice buds.

  •  Lassi

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A glass full of jeere wali lassi, malai maar ke and forget about doing anything all day long. Get ready to laze around on the couch.

  •  Jalebi

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Punjab has good savouries and great sweets! Devour the taste of Jalebis once and you’ll come back to Punjab for more.