Punjab Polls: Another Twist with Fourth Front Finally


The much-anticipated Mahagathbandhan (or Fourth Front) – an initiative of Dr Dharamvir Gandhi and others, sacked Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP – was formed in Punjab after a day-long series of deliberations by like-minded groups and political organisations. With Assembly elections just a few months away, the national and regional parties of Punjab were handed a tough opponent on Sunday with the coming together of all splinter groups, smaller regional forums, fronts and political parties. The Fourth Front, whose name will be announced soon, plans to contest the forthcoming Punjab Assembly elections as a strong regional outfit.

Gandhi regretted the fact that all the parties in Punjab including SAD, BJP, Congress and AAP have only indulged in looting and plundering of the state without giving a single thought to the issues and problems of the people. He said the need of the hour is to have a strong regional outfit which works for the welfare of the people and ends the mafia raj in the once flourishing state of Punjab.

The announcement of the Fourth Front was made by Gandhi at the end of the ‘Round Table Conference’ in Chandigarh on Sunday. Awaaz-e-Punjab leader Navjot Singh Sidhu was conspicuous by his absence, although his friend and ally Pargat Singh attended the programme. Gandhi pointed out that he had come in his individual capacity and not as an Awaaz-e-Punjab representative.

While addressing a press conference later, Gandhi said that representatives of  the Democratic Swaraj Party, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Party, Amritsar Voluntary Group, Apna Party Group and several other smaller political fora and groups from Punjab agreed on the formation of a strong regional front to tackle the burning issues including the sand, land and drug mafia, unemployment, health issues, deteriorating law and order problems etc.

Gandhi added that leaders from all the groups and political organisations agreed on the formation of a strong regional outfit to take on the might of the national parties as well as the ruling regional party: Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD). The Fourth Front will work for the welfare of Punjab and Punjabiat, said Gandhi. On the issue of front leader Chhotepur planning to form a party next month, Gandhi said the party will be a part of the Fourth Front.

The ground water level in Punjab has gone down alarmingly, but no one cares. Dark zones in the state have gone up to four and the lands of Punjab are turning fallow. Punjab doesn’t have a capital of its own. All parties have only exploited Punjab. All this must end,” warned Gandhi.