Punjab Naatshala all set for the season; announces schedule for Winter

Punjab Naatshala Schedule

Punjab Naatshala, to tap the tourist season, has announced its weekend theatre itinerary for November and December .

“Punjab Naatshala” came into existence with a specific aim of promotion of the art of theatre, by assimilating art with technology to make it more popular among the masses in the modern world of multimedia.

The cultural centre will host critically acclaimed plays for consecutive weekends till the New Year.

Its weekend theatre programme with back-to-back shows is already targeted at bringing in more young audience.

Starting with its popular home productions “Kudessan”, “84, 85, 96 tey marasi” and “Mirch masala”, Natshala will also host Punjabi and English plays “Kujh taan karo yaaro”, “Everything she wants” and “Essence of Life”.

The idea behind the weekend theatre concept is to harness the potential audience, looking for a weekend entertainment activity and develop Punjab Naatshala as a tourist attraction.

A couple of weeks back, Punjab Naatshala presented two different plays in Amritsar. The first one, ‘Chandan De Ohle’, was based on the theme of social and political oppression and exploitation of youth. Directed by Saajan Kapoor from ‘Young Malang’, the play depicted the confused generation of youngsters who are frustrated with the corrupt system, lack of opportunities and are forced to migrate overseas in search for greener pastures.