Punjab Elections | SAD committed to take Chandigarh from Haryana : Sukhbir Badal

Punjab Elections Chandigarh Sukhbir

With months to go for the Assembly elections in the state, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal reiterated his party’s commitment to not rest till Chandigarh was handed over to Punjab.

Badal flagged off the state’s Punjabi Suba 50th anniversary celebrations yesterday with a Vidyarthi Divas extravaganza here, using the event to make a strident demand for Chandigarh as the state capital.

The event was held at Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana, kicking off a one-month long programme to mark the golden jubilee of the 1966 formation of present day Punjab.

Badal in his speech spoke of “grave injustice done with Punjabis at the time of partition with Haryana by denying Chandigarh as Punjab’s capital”.

“It is the firm commitment of Akali Dal to get Chandigarh as capital of Punjab. This sangharsh (struggle) to get Chandigarh is on even after fifty years of Punjab’s statehood and will continue till we don’t get it,” announced Badal to an audience of more than 20,000 schoolchildren.
“It has been fifty years that Punjab was created but the struggle for Chandigarh, our own capital city, continues even today. Punjab Suba movement was successful after many sacrifices but even then injustice was done with Punjab. Despite that injustice we marched towards success in every field. Even some Punjabi speaking areas went to Haryana for which we will continue our fight because it is our right,” said Sukhbir.

He heaped praised on Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and said that “it is because of his progressive approach that poor students are getting free education in meritorious schools”.

“We are ready to help in every way and provide quality education but I also need a promise from you that you will work hard,” said Sukhbir addressing students. “Children are future of this state and if we can’t nurture them, we can’t progress,” he said.

Asking Cheema to include a course on Punjabi culture and heritage in syllabus, Sukhbir also asked him to include educational tours to Virasat-e-Khalsa and other Sikh memorials as part of curriculum.

Later, during a press interaction, Sukhbir asked PPCC chief Captain Amarinder Singh and his MLAs to “give legal affidavits to farmers and not fake paper forms promising debt waiver”. Sukhbir said “it is a bundle of lies that Captain is carrying in his Kisan Yatra bus throughout the state”.

“Amarinder should have some shame. He is spreading lies and lies throughout. Can he give a legal affidavit to each farmer, saying that in case he fails to get debts waived off, he will sell his own property and compensate the farmers? What legal value does these forms hold which he is using to fool the farmers,” questioned Sukhbir. “Who is answerable if he fails to get debt waiver?”