Punjab Candidates have to include social media accounts when nominations are filed

Punjab Elections

For the first time the Election Commission has decided to make it mandatory in Punjab to include designated accounts on social media platforms when nominations are filed, keeping in league with the growing tendency of political parties and candidates turning to social media in their outreach.

In an exclusive interaction, Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi said that conducting polls for the 117-strong Assembly remains a challenge given Punjab’s geographical proximity to a neighbouring country, and other factors, including boundary sharing with other states, drugs, militancy and organised gangs/proclaimed offenders.

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In order to prevent misuse of ambulances and police vehicles by ferrying material like cash and liquor, the EC will keep an eagle eye on these vehicles. The EC is also teaming up with other enforcement agencies to ensure that the atmosphere remains conducive for the people to come out to vote in large numbers.

The EC is preparing a list of officials known for their bias and will keep them away from the poll process, will go after storehouses with material for distribution to lure the voters, and equip flying squads with GPS-mounted vehicles to check their movement.

Learning from the last polls, the EC has decided to have additional forces so that Central police forces can man check-posts in the last leg and will monitor the activities of gangsters/ proclaimed offenders in jail, while insisting that police round up other notorious and wanted criminals.

EC has initiated a series of firsts ahead of the polls in pursuit of the objective of creating a conducive and secure atmosphere so that people turn out in numbers to elect their chosen representative.