Punjab Boy wins ‘Best Poster’ award at an International Conference

#LUDHIANA: Arjun K, recently completed M.Sc in Vegetable Science from the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), received an award for the ‘Best Poster Presentation’ during the ‘International Conference on Agricultural Sciences and Food Technology for Sustainable Productivity and Nutritional Security,’ held at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru, from August 25 -27.

Arjun presented his research entitled “Mapping of fruit length related QTLs in interspecific cross of Capsicum annuum L x Capsicum galapagoenseHunz.” The research was conducted under the supervision of MS Dhaliwal, Additional Director of Research (Horticulture), PAU.

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Neelam Grewal, dean, Postgraduate Studies and A S Dhatt, head, department of Vegetable Science congratulated the student and his mentor for the award winning