Punjab Bank Employees (PBEF) seek protection in the wake of cash shortage

Punjab Bank Employees (PBEF) seek protection in the wake of cash shortage

The Punjab Bank Employees’ Federation (PBEF) today sought adequate security from the government sighting public violence against bank staff in the wake of shortage of new currency notes.

They urged the government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to release sufficient currency notes to banks so that people do not suffer.

In a meeting chaired by PBEF president P R Mehta at Ludhiana, office bearers discussed the impactction  on customer services and problems being faced by bank staff post-demonetisation.

After threadbare discussions, a resolution demanding proper security from the government and sufficient cash from the RBI was adopted by the federation.

Bank staff are being targeted for no fault of theirs. They are serving people beyond official working hours and in absence of proper infrastructure, PBEF general secretary S K Gautam said.

“Shortage of currency notes is not in control of banks. People out of anger have locked staffers inside their bank’s branches and even beaten them,” he claimed.

The government and RBI must provide adequate security and sufficient cash to ensure smooth customer service, Gautam said, appealing to people to “understand their difficulty” and cooperate with them to ensure hassle-free services.
Serpentine queues could be seen at banks and ATMs across Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh as people waited to withdraw money.