Poll promise: AAP to open village clinics in Punjab

Mohalla Clinic Punjab

Khanna: AAP wants to replicate its Mohalla Clinic experiment in Punjab, though they are mired in a number of corruption and nepotism charges in Delhi.

If voted to power in the coming state Assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party will open village clinics in all villages of Punjab on the pattern of Delhi, said Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal here today.

He said mohalla clinics in Delhi were a grand success and this pattern would be used in Punjab as well to save people from expensive medical help.

He said 106 mohalla clinics were opened in Delhi and now, this count would go up to 1,000 till the end of this year.

He said village clinics would be opened in almost all villages apart from mohalla clinics in cities.

While referring to a speculation by some quarters that AAP would not be able to take funds for the development of the state, he said he would go to the Modi government with folded hands to get development funds, but also made it clear that if the Centre failed to give proper funds, he knows how to get funds through agitation.

He made it clear that he would gherao the Central government in Delhi with the help of people of the state to get their rights, as he knew how to get their right through agitation. Arvind Kejriwal said that his party has successfully has done gherao and social media protests daily in Delhi since he has come power there last year.

Image result for kejriwal aam aadmi partyHe said AAP would launch the Delhi model to compensate farmers — 20,000 per acre in case of natural calamity.

He said Punjab would be a formidably state if AAP came to power and the industrial and agriculture produce and other products of state would be exported the world over. He said there was no need to worry from Chinese products.

Responding to this, a local rival leader charged him as a Naxal working on behalf of India’s enemies. He said the Delhi has seen anarchy and lost jobs since AAP has come to power in the nation’s capital.