Pakistan SC judges are self-certified schizophrenics

pakistan sc hanging Mentally ill

What will you call judges of a court that hangs little boys for inadvertently tearing a piece of (supposedly holy) paper in ‘Blasphemy’ case, but allows dreaded terrorists roam free in the country. How would you respect a court that has ceded its authority to the Military without a murmur but proudly hangs severely mentally ill.

pakistan Chief judge in all his glory!

Pakistan Chief judge in all his glory!

You can call all these judges schizophrenics and they won’t sue you for insulting the court. This is because these bizarre judges think that schizophrenia is totally normal.

A three-judge bench of Pakistan’s Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Anwer Zaheed Jamali, who should be in a mental institution himself, today ruled that schizophrenia is “not a permanent mental disorder”.

The verdict pronounced by these judges, who earlier let Taliban terrorists free for ‘lack of evidence’, also said, “Schizophrenia, is a recoverable disease, which, in all the cases, does not fall within the definition of mental disorder”. This means Pakistan can execute a 50-year-old convicted of murdering a cleric in 2001.

Pakistan’s ‘second’ highest court (it’s pales before the all powerful military courts) called for the execution of Imdad Ali, as soon as next week. In spite of certification of government doctors in 2012, which said Imdad Ali is a paranoid schizophrenic, he will be sentenced to death for the murder of a Muslim cleric that took place in 2001.

On Friday Ali’s lawyer argued that he was unfit to be executed as the 50-year-old was unable to understand his crime and punishment. Ali’s lawyer also argued that his conviction would violate Pakistan’s obligation under a United Nation’s treaty, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

According to the American Psychological Association, it defines schizophrenia as, “a serious mental illness characterised by incoherent or illogical thoughts, bizarre behaviour and speech, and delusions or hallucinations, such as hearing voices”.

Pakistani psychiatrist Dr Tahir Feroze, a government-appointed doctor who treated Ali for the last eight years, reportedly said that he along with two other doctors certified Ali’s condition in 2012. According to Reuters, Ali suffers from delusions that he controls the world and he hears voices in his head that command him. “He is completely delusional,” Safia Bano, Ali’s wife told Reuters.

“It is outrageous for Pakistan’s Supreme Court to claim that schizophrenia is not a mental illness, and flies in the face of accepted medical knowledge, including Pakistan’s own medical laws,” Maya Foa, director of the Britain-based human rights group Reprieve told Reuters news agency.

Meanwhile, Ali’s wife has said she will ask forgiveness from the victim’s family as a last resort. The move could help avert death sentence for her husband under Islamic law.

However, all this won’t help unless someone, probably Pak Army Chief, puts all these judges into straight-jackets and puts them into Lahore Psychiatric Hospital for a long long time