Pakistan refuses Visa to Indian Peaceniks


state support to and Indian protests have hit the annual “Indo-Pak peace mela”.

The delegation of Indian peaceniks was expected to travel to Pakistan to participate in their function, but this year, nobody from here went to the neighbouring country as the visas had not been issued.

In contrast, a seven-member delegation, though fewer than before, came from Pakistan to participate in the peace fair, organised by the Folklore Research Academy and the Hind-Pak Dosti Manch on both sides of the border.

It’s not clear how lighting candles at the border, that appeals to western donors’ sensibilities, help in promoting peace when Pakistan is aggressively funding and training terrorists as well as regularly firing on the Indian citizens at the border. Most of these NGOs completely ignore the incidents of terrorism against India, focusing instead on people interaction, cultural events, Gazal nights and lavish dinner parties promoting ‘brotherhood’.

Wagah Border Candle Light Vigil

Wagah Border Candle Light Vigil

The reluctance shown in issuing visas has not gone down well with the organisers. “The Indian group will stage a play and a seminar on Indo-Pak relations will also be held. In the evening, we will be holding a cultural event and a candlelight vigil at the Attari border,” said Head of Folklore Research Academy Ramesh Yadav.

Peaceniks from Pakistan will come on Sunday night for the candlelight vigil, he said. Saying that lack of visas was a dampener, Yadav added, “There were times when a large delegation came from Pakistan and we also attended the event. But we have not lost hope and will continue to make efforts for better relations.”