Pakistan Officer accepts Surgical strikes; Reveals military support to terrorists | Proof

Surgical Strike India pakistan POK

NEW DELHI: A senior Pakistani police official from POK, recorded under the impression that he was speaking with a superior, admitted that the Indian surgical strikes did take place and Pakistani Army suffered many fatalities.

A CNN-News18 report said the Pakistani police officer rattled off events of the night of the raids and confirmed claims made by the Indian Army.

“Sir, that was night…you can say roughly 3-4 hours… between 2 AM and 4 or 5 AM… the attack continued between that time,” Ghulam Akbar is recorded as stating.

Ghulam Akbar, SP (special branch) of the Mirpur Range in PoK, is heard confirming that the surgical strikes+ had indeed taken place on the early hours of September 29 in areas like Leepa mentioned in reports of the attacks.

Akbar clearly stated that the Pakistani army was caught unawares and lost five soldiers whose names were revealed but not telecast by the channel and that the bodies of unknown number of terrorists were quickly removed by the Pakistani military.

Akbar put out a picture of the areas that he personally knew were under attack that night – Samana in Bhimber, Hazira in Poonch, Dudhniyal in Neelam and Kayani in Hathian Bala.
He said the Pakistani army cordoned off these areas after the surgical strikes+ . The SP also said Pakistani army put the bodies in ambulances and took them away, adding that many have been buried in villages and that his cops were evaluating the coffin boxes.

Akbar also said that the Pakistani army facilitates movement of terrorists in forward areas and arranges for their crossing over to India.
“The Army brings them, sir… it is in their hands,” he says adding that he couldn’t give accurate numbers because the Pakistani army protects the jihadi infrastructure from even the local authorities and police.