Pakistan faked Babar-3 cruise missile launch | Indian Defence Experts

Pakistan faked Babar-3 cruise Missile

NEW DELHI: Pakitani Military is under pressure to match up with Indi’s increasingly impressive missile launches in the recent months. But is Pakistan is going the North Korea way that has a history of faking missiles and other weapons to threaten South Korea and the US Military.

A day after Pakistan announced the successful launch of the nuclear-capable Babur-3 cruise missile, Indian English news channel ‘Times Now’ today quoted a defence and satellite analyst as suggesting Pakistan may have faked the launch.
The analyst, ‘Raj’ showed Times Now technical evidence to suggest Pakistan faked the missile video and using computer graphics to depict much of the weapon’s flight.

Meanwhile, a Mumbai-based man claiming to also be an analyst, in a series of tweets, claimed that Pakistan used a computer-generated image of the missile to show that Babur-3 launch was successful.