Only in Pakistan – Even Pigeons Spread Hatred


AMRITSAR: A day after landing of Pakistani balloons with silly messages full of hatred in the border villages of Punjab, the Border Security Force (BSF) on Sunday spotted a grey colored Pakistani pigeon purportedly sent towards India to vent out a common frustration in that country following India’s surgical strike along the Line of Control (LoC) causing it much humiliation.
According to Senior Superintendent of police, Pathankot, Rakesh Kaushal at it was a Pakistani pigeon with message tied to its claws. “It appears to be an act of mischief. May be someone wanted to take his irritation out after India’s surgical attacks along LoC.”

The message written on a small piece of paper reads “Modi, sun lae, Pakistan ka bachha bachha ladnaey kay liye tayyar hai, Kashmir par julam ka badla liya jayega. Ab 1971 wala Pakistan nai hai – Beshukra Tabiba” (Listen Modi, every children of Pakistan is ready to fight, we will take revenge of atrocities committed on Kashmir, Pakistan is not anymore as it was in 1971″.

One Policeman said that the Pakistani letter writer probably meant that Pakistan today is just half in size of what it was in 1971 post Bangladesh independence.

The 1971 war between India and Pakistan lasted for just 13 days, concluding with the surrender of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh, which seceded from Pakistan.

The Pakistani military lost over 9,000 troops in the conflict and saw over 93,000 taken prisoner of war (POW). The casualties on the Indian side are estimated between around 2,500 and 4,000.

The historically strained relationship between India and Pakistan has again escalated in recent month.

In September, 18 Indian soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack emanating from Pakistan.

This week, India said it had carried out “surgical strikes” against Pakistan-based terrorists across the de facto border (LOC) in Kashmir, but Pakistan refused to accept any damage to its terror factories.