Pakistan-born Brit TV actor sacked for racism against Indians


LONDON: Pakistan-born “Coronation Street” actor Marc Anwar has been fired from the soap for a racist rant against Indians on social media.

On his twitter account, he wrote: ‘Why the f*** do Pakistani artists want to work in f***face India? Do you love money so much?” Interestingly, his family too has left Pakistan to work in UK that for centuries colonised his land of birth.

His comments come days after an attack on an Indian army base in Kashmir killed 18 soldiers. India claimed Pakistan was behind the attack, but Pakistan has denied it.

The Mumbai-based Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has demanded a ban on Pakistani artistes working in India.

Anwar, 45, who plays the role of Sharif Nazir in the British TV show, also referred to Indians as ‘b******s’ and ‘p*ss-drinking c**ts’ on Twitter, reports

He followed that up by tweeting an image of a clenched fist before adding: “Ban #india movies in #PakistanisLeaveIndia. B*****ds ps drinking #cts