Pakistan boasts of pushing out Indian submarine; India mocks the claim

Indian Submarine in Pakistan Waters

New Delhi:  The India-Pakistan tension is no longer limited to LOC and International Border (IB). Yesterday Pakistan claimed to have “detected” an Indian submarine, which had “violated the sea limits” and said it was “driven back.”

The Indian Navy mocked Pakistan claim and rejected the notion that its submarine had entered the territorial waters of Pakistan-that is 12 nautical miles (some 22 km) from the shore.

“None of the Indian submarines was in Pakistan’s waters and, therefore, there is no question of being driven out.”- Capt DK Sharma, Navy spokesperson.

“The unsuspecting submarine was detected and localised south of Pakistani coast on Nov 14,” read the statement issued by Pakistan Navy.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) released a video and pictures of a diesel-electric powered submarine while “breathing” or “snorting” (showing its periscope and masts above sea level even when the vessel is submerged and charging its batteries). The pictures and video indicate that the shots were from an infra-red camera or sensor, signifying these were captured at night from either a warship or a low-flying drone.

This, Pakistan claimed, was an Indian submarine, which had entered Pakistan’s waters.  India operates two varieties of the diesel-electric submarine-Russian-origin Kilo class and German-origin HDW.

India’s nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra would not need to “snort” as a nuclear vessel need not charge its batteries at sea.

Video released by Pakistan to claim that an Indian submarine tried to enter Pakistan waters.