Pakistan Air Force attacks own citizens; 11 Killed

Pakistan Air Force Attack Khyber

Karachi August 19, 2016:

Pakistani fighter jets, including its state-of-the-art US-made F-16s, pounded ‘s Khyber Valley killed 11 alleged terrorists and ijuring 4 others, the Pakistani military claimed Wednesday last week.

It said in a statement it attacked positions held by the Pakistani Taliban, known as the outlawed Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP). The mountainous, isolated area has been a hideout and headquarters for the two groups since the invasion, in 2001, of a U.S.-led coalition force.

The local news source, however, said that Pakistan Military attacked homes killed 6 children and three women.

The military added “eight terrorist hideouts close to the Afghan border” were also destroyed by “precision air strikes and synchronized ground operations.”

The army offensive against militants has been going on in the mountainous terrain of Babar Kachkol, Naray Nao and Tor Sapar areas of Khyber.

On last Tuesday, the Pakistan military announced that its air force and army had killed at least 14 militants in the same area.Pakistan Army Khyber

Khyber is one of the seven semi-autonomous tribal agencies or districts, where the army has been battling al-Qaeda-linked terrorists and pro-Taliban militants for years, especially after the US-led invasion in neighbouring Afghanistan in 2001 and the subsequent spillover of militancy into the region.

In June 2014, the Pakistani army intensified its anti-militancy efforts by deploying some 30,000 troops near the border with Afghanistan to wipe out militant bases in the tribal area and bring an end to the bloody militancy.