Pak-Brit Samia Shahid – Yet another victim of ‘Honour killing’

Pakistan Honour Killing Victim

Mohammed Shakil, the former husband of murdered Pakistani beautician, Samia Shahid, has allegedly confessed strangling her, police sources in have confirmed. Her father, Mohammed, has also been arrested and is accused of being an accomplice.

Both men appeared in shackles and with their faces covered in a court in the northern city of Jhelum on Saturday, where a judge ordered that they be held for four days as charges are gathered against them

Ex-husband,  Shakil, whom Samia was forced to marry, had initially been arrested on the suspicion of murder.

Samia, aged 28 from Bradford was strangled to death by a 7.5 inch slash to her neck in Pandori village, Pakistan. Ms Shahid’s relatives in Pakistan had earlier claimeshe died of a heart attack.

Despite initial claims by local police that there were no signs of injury on Shahid’s body, photos that later emerged showed heavy bruising around her neck.

Her family had never accepted Shahid’s divorce from Shakeel, a cousin who lives next to the compound in Pandori owned by Shahid’s father, a Bradford-based businessman.

In Pakistan, is known locally as karo-kari. Nearly 1000 Honour killing victims are reported every year in Pakistan, mostly . However many more cases are never reported due to involvement for family members.