Opinion: Why Kejriwal always talks about Narendra Modi?

Kejriwal Modi Patanjali

Kejriwal is a highly ambitious politician. As Congress is in decline under a not-so-superlative leadership of Rahul Gandhi with no other national opposition leader in sight, Kejriwal thinks that he has an opportunity to become national leader and a non-NDA PM candidate in 2019.

But Kejriwal is relatively new to politics, not yet known nationwide, except in some Northern states and metros. So Kejriwal is smartly hitching the ride to an extremely popular (for good or bad reasons) Modi.  Kejriwal does a Pakistan: Blames Indian PM Modi for everything

There’s a reason a small local tooth paste brand compares itself to Colgate or Hyundai compares itself to Toyota or Volkswagen. The smaller brand, with poorer quality perception, wants consumer to know that it’s as good as the big brand.

Kejriwal wants people to associate him with Modi, and to some extent Rahul, not with Navjot Sidhu, Chautala, Mayavati or Lalu Prasad Yadav, who have limited appeal.

While Kejriwal almost daily talks himself with Modi on Social media, he also ensures that no one else in his party can compete with him in popularity. AAP has thrown out everyone, even co-founders, who have shon even a mild disagreement with the supreme leader. That’s why Navjot Sidhu, extremely popular all across India, is finding it difficult to join AAP.