OMG: World’s Largest Samosa 3 meter high at 332 Kilos

Samosa Gorakhpur

UP: A group of 10 people in have created world’s largest at 332 kg and have sought a place in the Guinness Book of for achieving this mean feat. With this feat, the group is trying to highlight the deplorable state of the small town which lacks basic facilities.

20-year old Ritesh Soni, owner of a road side restaurant in Gopal Nagar got inspired to create the largest samosa after a group earned a spot in the Guinness Book for creating world’s largest jalebi and now it is in the Guinness Book. “Like them, we also want to make our town famous through our feat,” said Soni.

The group of 10 took 15 days to prepare the gigantic snack. They pooled in Rs 30,000 and got an additional Rs 10,000 as donation. “It took 90 litre refined oil, 1.75 quintal wheat flour and 2 quintal potato to prepare it. The samosa is 3 meter high and its three sides are 2 metre, 1.5 metre and 1.5 metre. Its radius is around 36 inch,” said Soni

Thousands visited the venue to catch a glimpse of snack and was enjoyed by hundreds later.