“You are not Hindu” VHP Togadia to Modi


Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘Gou Rakshak” remarks, Vishwa Hindu Parishad () on Saturday said that Modi’s move to ask state governments to create dossiers of cow vigilantes amounts to ‘racial profiling’. The VHP also demanded for creation of a ‘gau mantralya’ (ministry of cows) and enacting a law to protect cows. Lashing out at PM, VHP chief Pravin said that instead of applauding the ‘simple Gau Rakshaks’ for their efforts, Modi termed 80 per cent of them “anti-social”. The right wing leader said that Modi not only insulted gau mata (mother cow) but Hindus also, as well as all those who gave their lives to protect cows.


Modi, 66, and Togadia, 60, were once face of in Gujarat. The two used to attend RSS shakha together in Ahmedabad in the 1980s. The assembly elections in December 2002 saw Togadia address more than 100 BJP rallies. Things changed when Modi won. He dropped Zadaphia in a clear signal to Togadia that his interference in governance was no longer needed. Togadia felt he was used by Modi.

“When the head of the government gives a specific figure and says 80 per cent of cow protectors are fake and indulge in anti-social activities during night, surely he would have the basis for such specific numbers,” Togadia said, challenging Modi to reveal the source of his information that “more cows die eating plastic and not by cow butchering”.